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#960488 by VS075
22 Nov 2022, 22:54 ... wick-37287

Some of the points are probably well figured out by most, though Shai Weiss nonetheless confirmed the following: -

*A return to LGW appears to be off the cards for good, with a lack of connectivity now being cited as another reason - no doubt relevant given VS' imminent accession to SkyTeam
*MAN growth (or re-growth) likely to take time
*EDI-MCO seasonal routes will continue but don't expect much by way of growth and certainly to nowhere that isn't already served by VS

Also a few lines criticising LHR and hoping there is no repeat next year.
#960491 by ColOrd
23 Nov 2022, 12:04
I think this is measured and fair, I know some
of our Northern flyers will be ready to chain me up for this (I say this as a proud Northerner myself and as a supporter of Man Airport Expansion as a true Northern hub airport!) but I think we have to be realistic about what can be achieved over the next 18 months with the Global picture, recession and cost of living issues all dampening demand for travel as the bubble of “release from covid” bursts and we return back to “normality” albeit with some quite negative indicators in the air!
#960493 by mitchja
23 Nov 2022, 12:19
Let's be 100% honest here...VS have never taken MAN seriously so there's no reason to think they are going to start now. Their flight schedules are too shaky to book as they drop flights from established core routes at the drop of a hat. Even MAN>JFK & MAN>ATL flights are no longer year round or even 7 days a week now at lot of the time.

It's simply easier to ignore MAN completely and fly from LHR.

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