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#960857 by Linda671
14 May 2021, 21:57
Thanks for everyone's advice so far on this thread.

My GE renewal has been conditionally approved (took around 4 weeks) so I have tried to make a remote interview appointment.

I have searched all the way up to 2023 and there isn't a single slot available, even if I change time zones.

Does anyone have experience of booking these appointments? Do they release new slots periodically?

I am due to fly to the US at the end of September (all being well!) so could potentially do an in person interview but this option is currently only available up until end of August, then it's blocked out again.

Any advice/info hugely appreciated!
#960867 by tontybear
15 May 2021, 20:53

Depending which US airport you are landing at perhaps Enrolment (really interview) on Arrival would work for you as no appointment is necessary.

There is a list of airports on the GE website.
#961040 by arawnsley
04 Jun 2021, 00:00
Well folks, my experience of GE renewal was superb with the total elapsed time being exacly five weeks. Is this a record??

29 Apr (evening) Home Office application with immediate '10 day' holding email response
30 Apr (09:40) received email with code from Home Office
1 May - Applied for renewal on the site
3 June - Application status change email received. Logged in and found status to be 'Approved' with an expiry of 2026

Happy days :-)


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