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#960884 by flying low
18 May 2021, 19:35
I have a flight to PVG booked in early June, MMB is showing it as operating but if you look on the VS site or google flights, the flights are not on sale anywhere. I am guessing its been cancelled - correct? Selecting a seat shows the flight is pretty much empty in UC.

Spoke to VS but they said its operating.... but I find it odd that the flight is not on sale via any platform.

Any thoughts?
#960893 by tontybear
19 May 2021, 16:36
They could be cancelling flights on other dates so have blocked yours from new bookings until they rebook the displaced passengers.

It’s also common when they are changing plane type so they can resign the seating before opening up to new bookings again.

Seat maps not a good indication of how busy a flight is.
#960897 by McMaddog
19 May 2021, 20:42
I'm in the same situation for my PVG flight. Mulling over whether to rebook now or wait for the inevitable cancellation. We bought during the reward seat 50% sale so would appreciate thoughts as I'm not sure which would be more beneficial/least loss.

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