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#961066 by flyingphd
06 Jun 2021, 21:11
Long time lurker, first time poster: trying to book flights for my London-based parents, whom I haven't seen in 2 years (!), from LHR-SFO, July 28-August 26. I see that Virgin keeps selling these flights and then canceling them. In the event they cancel, what are our options? Are we just SOL and have to buy new tickets on UA/BA at the last minute? Or will they fly my folks to, say LAX, and then on a DL flight from there to SFO? Hard to tell from the language about re-protection what happens with flat out cancellation of a schedule. Any help/advice gratefully received!
#961067 by Kraken
07 Jun 2021, 00:43
Re-protection normally means that VS would offer you an earlier / later direct flight on the same day (if available). Or, they could offer you direct flights on earlier / later dates to those originally booked. If any changes VS propose are not suitable, they are normally amenable to consider any reasonable re-route suggestion you make with regards to flying indirect - especially if Delta operate the route you need for the internal US flight.

In the case of a LHR-SFO flight, LHR-LAX-SFO would seem like a perfectly reasonable suggestion, as would connecting via JFK, BOS or ATL - all airports where Delta have a very significant presence.
#961068 by flyingphd
07 Jun 2021, 04:50
Thanks very much for this reply! Sounds like I can go ahead and get the flights for my parents knowing that if the LHR-SFO-LHR schedule is canceled in July/August as it has been through June 30, they’ll still ultimately be able to make it to SFO without buying brand new last minute tickets.
#961069 by tontybear
07 Jun 2021, 10:26
You won't be required to buy a new ticket on another airline

The various legal protections mean VS will be responsible for rebooking the flights at no extra cost to you.

Of course it may not be a like for like routing so be prepared to be flexible and that also includes changing date (if that suits) as well as the routing as suggested above LHR-JFK-SFO would be an option.

I'd even suggest (but I've not checked that it's operating) looking at LHR-AMS-SFO on KLM for example.

Hopefully things will become clearer at the end of the week after Preident Biden's visit to the UK for the G7.

The thing is if the flights are cancelled then don't panic. Look at what VS propose to get you to SFO. You don't have to take it (even though something will pop up in MMB) so you can look at other routes with a better arrival / departure time and then contact VS to suggest that alternative.

As long as you are reasonable they will be amenable

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