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#961084 by Cat_H
09 Jun 2021, 09:53
At Heathrow now in the plaza premium lounge in T2 Heathrow.

Very quiet and quick trip through check in and security, despite not being able to use the Upper Class Wing.

The lounge is moderately busy. There's not yet a shortage of seats but I could see how there might be a little later.
#961088 by Cat_H
09 Jun 2021, 11:32
Thanks everyone!

I've been in this lounge before and it's just okay. Somewhere to get away from the crowds (not that there is much of one).

They provide you with premium drinks tickets so that you can get different drinks, but not sure what they are.
Food was meh, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and beans on the smallest plate they could fit it on!

Managed to get a couple of glasses of prosecco though and will be making my way to the gate shortly.

Hopefully the Clubhouse will be open in September when we next go away, but to be honest, I'm just happy to be here!
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