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#961124 by tontybear
19 Jun 2021, 00:36
The VS Source which provided seat maps (in many respects better than the ones on the VS website) and details on aircraft movements is closing on the 30th June

As is its sister site the BA Source
#961126 by Nottingham Nick
20 Jun 2021, 08:50
A shame, as it's a very useful resource. Hardly surprising though. I am afraid that after 15 months (and counting) of a decimated industry, there will be a large number of 'casualties' of this pandemic.
It will be a long time before we get to the 'new normal' - whatever that me bring!

#961127 by ColOrd
20 Jun 2021, 17:52
Very sad, having ran Forums and websites in a similar space in rail, albeit many many moons ago I know the passion and energy that goes in to them to create them and how draining it can be.

I do pray that Pete doesn’t pull the plug here!
#961128 by 747G-VXLG
20 Jun 2021, 20:33
It’s such a shame. It was a really good site with very good content. It would be nice if we could post on maintenance/movements/seat maps and the previous flight records on here.
#961129 by TimCrawley
21 Jun 2021, 09:42
Sad to see VS Source disappear.

I do pray that Pete doesn’t pull the plug here!
+1 to that.

It costs time, effort and money for Pete to keep this site active - ably supported by the moderators giving their time day to day too. I can only assume that any (small) affiliate income to offset some of the costs has virtually dried up completely as click-throughs to make bookings fell away during the pandemic.

It's probably 5-6 years ago I contributed my £50 for lifetime membership, after being a 'lurker' for many years before, and I would have no problem paying a £20-25 top-up to that one-off fee under these unusual circumstances to make sure the valuable information and hints/tips/warnings from fellow members keep appearing on this forum.

As we all hopefully start making forward bookings in the coming months (sadly will be late 2021 / early 2022 before I'm on VS again) then I assume we can all help by using the affiliate links as appropriate....maybe one of the moderators could post a 'sticky' to remind us all how it works / helps the site?
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