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#961453 by EmmaPeel007
27 Jul 2021, 15:11
We have tickets to go from LA to London in September to see our daughter after a year, but unfortunately this is now out of the question (thoroughly depressed). We would like to rebook our flight for a later time but don't know exactly when as we want to come over for her graduation next year. Not gonna lie, we got a good rate on our tickets ($2,700 for rt Premium for 2 and used some miles) so this hurts in more ways than one.

Currently it still shows our flight to London as still available to book, but as there are still two flights a day in September and they both don't look that full I am going to guess that one will be cancelled and it will most likely be ours (the earlier one).

That said, is it better for me to go through the process of getting the vouchers now, or is there any further benefit in waiting for our flight to potentially be cancelled? And if hey don't cancell, when's the latest I can request vouchers in place of our tickets?
#961458 by Q_Division
27 Jul 2021, 17:28
I'm in a similar boat (London to LA). As I understand it, if it is cancelled then it brings a little more flexibility in options (refunds for example) and my understanding is you can request vouchers anytime before departure.

I'm trying to work this out myself and if I find anything useful I'll add it here. Equally there are far wiser people on this board than me who may already know the answer :)
#961460 by mitchja
27 Jul 2021, 18:23
It's a crystal ball question unfortunately but here are my observations.

If VS do cancel your booking for what ever reason, you are entitled to a refund back to the original payment method. Also remember that if VS change a scheduled departure time by more than 3 hours again you are entitled to request a refund.

Back to the original payment method is the important bit to remember here as once you do apply for a voucher, your refund option disappears completely as even if your new rebooked flight then gets canceled by VS for what ever reason or the schedule changes by more than 3 hours, VS are only obliged to refund back to the original payment i.e just give you another voucher because your flight was paid for using a voucher.

If you paid using miles (full reward booking or partial miles + money) you also don't get the miles back if you request a voucher. You will only get the miles back if it's a refund.

Personally, I'd wait for VS to cancel a flight every time as that gives you much more flexibility for your next booking as it will then be completely on your terms rather than theirs.

VS are back on top of refunds now and they are processing them in more or less within the normal time-scales again.
#961467 by Louie84x
28 Jul 2021, 11:38
I can’t see any benefit to taking vouchers now, I would wait to see if they cancel. I’ve just had Aug flights cancelled and have been told I’m able to move them to any other dates with reward availability for no additional miles/cash.

Mine slightly different as was a reward booking, but we booked in the redemption sale and used an upgrade voucher so used a LOT less miles than standard. I’d assume you’d be offered the same in terms of moving to another date at no extra cost? But you would need to move the dates before your original departure date
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