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#961480 by VitalyS
28 Jul 2021, 20:45
I booked a flight on Virgin airlines to fly to UK with my family. My daughter's passport expires in 4 months, which I thought shouldn't be an issue according to official UK gov sources, however Virgin's website ( ... ce/uk.html) says that the passport must be valid for at least 6 months. Which one is correct? Do I need to worry about not being let on the plane?
#961482 by NorthernLad
28 Jul 2021, 22:26
I Googled 'Requirements to enter UK' and if you follow the link , and enter that you have a US passport , you should see that all you need is a passport that is valid for at least the length of your stay.
I would rather believe the Government than Virgins web page for this question.

You will need to complete Passenger Locator forms (to enable tracing in the event they need to contact you for Covid related reasons)- assuming the present regulations are still in place at time of travel.
This link shows current rules to enter with regard to Covid - Rules can change quickly so keep up to date! ... s-covid-19
#961484 by tontybear
29 Jul 2021, 00:12
You've not mentioned one vital piece of information - what country issued the passport.

VS can only issue general advice as to validity of a passport, And given they change on a seemingly regular basis that's all they can do. The official source they use is called timatic.

Even a six months validity would be incorrect for entering the EU for example as the validity for many counties excludes any extentions previosly granted by the UK.

For enteting the US from a visa waiver nation the validity is for the length of your stay not 6 months.

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