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#961559 by EstelleB
03 Aug 2021, 11:43
Not exactly Virgin specific, but just looking for advice / insight regarding our flights next year.

We are going to New Orleans, flying first MAN-ATL VA then onwards with Delta. It will be two separate tickets as we are using companion vouchers but not sure if this makes a difference to our experience in Atlanta.

In the past when we've had a potentially long day with arriving late to our destination we have preferred to stay over and break it up - in Atlanta we usually stay at the Marriott gateway so very close for the next day. It is a really long time since I've done the whole thing straight through and I'm not sure that I want to do it with my (pretty much adult) kids in tow!

Essentially we would be leaving home at 6.30am and arriving into New Orleans 18:50 their time which (BST) will feel like 01:50 to us. Our connection time in ATL is OK, but could be a bit hairy if we get a delay or they subsequently change the flight time (which they seem to do quite frequently) and I'm just not sure if it is worth the exhaustion and stress just to be at our destination when we wake up the next day?

Just wondered really what other people would do in our situation - plough on through and get it over with, or take the break and arrive in New Orleans feeling like we are actually awake?
#961561 by mikethe3rd
03 Aug 2021, 12:27
We normally get all the flights on one day but we rarely suffer from tiredness or stress on the outbound flight.

We flew LHR-ATL-MCO in VS UC and DL F on separate tickets. Upon arriving in ATL we were subjected to a 2.5 hour wait at immigration… there is no queue jump - it’s Atlanta - most of the people in line are also on a connecting flight.

I have no idea what their actual policy is, but DL moved us fee-free to the next flight when I called them from said queue.

With that all said, if I was you, I’d stay overnight in Atlanta…

EstelleB wrote:we have preferred to stay over
#961563 by EstelleB
03 Aug 2021, 13:37
Thanks for this, 2.5 hours is insane but I can only imagine that it isn't going to get any easy with Covid. I think I'll steer the kids towards the stop over - might actually do 2 nights and actually see Atlanta after so many times of just transiting through!
#961571 by Janeclar
03 Aug 2021, 19:46
We regularly transit through Atlanta and the immigration queue is usually at least 60 minutes. I would not risk a same day flight unless you have a through ticket.
#961579 by EstelleB
04 Aug 2021, 14:06
Cheers, I suppose that our other alternative is to not use the companion voucher, but they are stacking up now!

Last time I went straight through to New Orleans in one day Delta temporarily lost our suitcases and we had the lovely experience of going out to dinner in clothes we'd been in for 20+ hours, so the stop over was always my preference!
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