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#961796 by easygoingeezer
29 Aug 2021, 13:33
Should I pack my pre ordered test for returning to UK in my checked luggage or hand luggage. Four and a half hour flight, unopened box. Is the hold too cold for it.
#961797 by mitchja
29 Aug 2021, 14:09
Either, but If you pack it in your hand luggage, it will need to be treated like any other liquids going through security as they do contain an albeit very small quantity of liquid so will need to be screened separately.

Not that you can use these for travel, but the free NHS flow lateral tests state a storage temp of between 2 - 30’C so as long as you pack it well wrapped in clothing etc within your checked luggage, it should be fine in there.

I plan to take mine in my checked luggage for my trip to BGI at the end of Sept. I’ve ordered mine from CHRONOMICS for £28.

I do also plan on taking a return home test whilst I’m there too as I’ve had to few NHS flow lateral tests not work for me (the developing solution gets too thick and won’t flow up the test strip) as my hotel package includes an arrival (required for Barbados) and departure testing package. Either that or buy and take 2 flow lateral kits per person just in case the first one fails.
#961798 by easygoingeezer
29 Aug 2021, 14:31
Thanks, we got chromatic packs also. One each for coming home and one also for day two. Was £190 in total. Bit of a con when we have 32 tests from NHS for free and they are the same.
#961799 by mitchja
29 Aug 2021, 15:10
I know right…but I can see both sides to this argument as foreign travel is always optional for most of us.

I’ve spent around £220 for the 4 sets of tests I need to do for Barbados next month.
#961813 by jilly
30 Aug 2021, 21:37
Just returned from Barbados, we took our departure to the UK tests with us in the hold luggage. They were £26 each through the Virgin link - took 15 mins to do and really easy to upload and submit a photo of the results.

All the testing was a 'faff' but totally worth it in the end. If the USA doesn't open within the next few months we'll happily do it again if possible.
#962043 by mitchja
23 Sep 2021, 09:27
So my Chronomics test to return to the UK kit arrived yesterday which I need to take with me next week and do 2 days before I come home.

Spot the difference between this single paid for test and the free NHS test kits (which you can't use for travel) >-( :

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