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#965113 by allenby
20 Jun 2022, 11:45

with a bit of juggling, you used to be able to see a "calendar" page/month of flights with their prices

can't seem to get that anymore, just a week, if selecting flexible dates

is this a glitch or has the calendar disappeared?

#965114 by flyingfox
20 Jun 2022, 11:50
Price c
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Working ok for me, selecting a month then tabbing to price calendar;
#965115 by allenby
20 Jun 2022, 12:24
thanks, for the reply

this is booking using points

using a chromebook

however, I can now get the calendar to appear,

if I first book a date with money,

then on the pricing page, click display in points instead of money, then the calendar tab appears

so it might be a chrome OS issue

#965120 by JohnF
21 Jun 2022, 13:15
I am having difficulty finding a matrix covering a whole month - just the 7 days out x 7 days return. Can you provide the step by step way to achieve this, please
#965123 by allenby
22 Jun 2022, 12:42
it was more by trial and error

iirc I got the calendar tab to show/appear by just going [browser] back from the selected flight page

another time it was by selecting a money flight/continue/then display price in points instead. then IF there wasnt a points flight available, it showed the calendar tab

hope that helps
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